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  • Dr. Weil’s 7 Keys to Good Health and How to Put them into Practice

    The 7 keys to healthy living Dr. Andrew Weil, a champion of integrative medicine, recently appeared on an episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, dropping a number of health and wellness gems during his appearance. I recommend readers take an hour to listen to the full conversation. We’re going

  • Know What’s In Your Food – SIFT Food Label App

    If you don’t brush twice daily you may lose more than just your teeth. A new study published in Science Advances links P. gingivalis, the

  • Periodontitis Linked to Alzheimers

    If you don’t brush twice daily you may lose more than just your teeth. A new study published in Science Advances links P. gingivalis, the

  • Covid-19 & Vitamin D (Video)

    COVID-19 & Vitamin D COVID-19 infects cells by binding to the ACE2 receptor, which is up-regulated by Vitamin D.  However, sufficient vitamin D levels are important in preventing upper respiratory tract infections.  In this video Dr. Rhonda Patrick explores the evidence regarding the risks and benefits of supplementing with vitamin

  • A Quick case for Masks & What’s Working to Slow COVID 19

    Masks May be Key to Flattening the Curve   There has been much confusion around the effectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of COVID 19.  This is partially due to some information disseminated by governmental organizations that discouraged citizens from wearing masks, claiming that it wouldn’t protect you from

  • Coronavirus (COVID 19) Resources

    Key Resources: With a lot of conflicting information circulating about the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to highlight some trustworthy sources for those monitoring the crisis as well as help you understand what you can do now to lessen the crisis, keep yourself safe, and why it’s important we act now.

  • Meditation, Aging and Telomeres

    The Benefits of Meditation One of the cheapest and easiest things one can do to improve their health is daily meditation, as it can provide the meditator with a myriad of health benefits.  It has been shown to lessen the effects of psychological stress on inflammation.  Furthermore, it can lessen

  • Living Healthy in the New Year with Hormesis

    As the New Year begins and we make personal resolutions to be healthier and happier, we’d like to highlight why the phenomenon known as hormesis or the hormetic response could be the key to you achieving your 2020 health goals. What is a Hormetic Response A hormetic response is defined

  • Exercise as a Treatment for Depression

    Exercise and Depression Moderate to vigorous exercise is generally accepted as an effective treatment for depression.  In this post we will explore some of the reasons why this may be the case. The Tryptophan Pathway Tryptophan, the amino acid in turkey thought to make you sleepy, is a precursor to

  • Overcoming Sleepless Nights and Anxiety

    Sleep and Anxiety In my last post I talked about 7 key best practices for a long and healthy life. Number 3 on that list is getting enough quality restful sleep, which, it  turns out, can have profound effects on your state of mind. According to new research out of