Periodontitis Linked to Alzheimers

If you don’t brush twice daily you may lose more than just your teeth.  A new study published in Science Advances links P. gingivalis, the keystone pathogen in periodontitis, with Alzheimers.  The pathogen was found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.  Furthermore, levels of toxic proteases, called gingipains, in the brain were correlated two key pathologies associated with the disease.

What’s a keystone pathogen? A keystone pathogen is one which throws the microbiome out of balance (aka dysbiosis), resulting in an inflammatory disease.

Another such keystone pathogen of the mouth, S. mutans, has been correlated with rheumatoid arthritis. The importance of a healthy immune system really does begin in the mouth.

TL;DR – Not brushing your teeth could increase your risk for Alzheimer’s or neurodegeneration.

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