Know What’s In Your Food – SIFT Food Label App

Medic Ally attended a WeWork event downtown Seattle last Wednesday night and learned about a new, exciting app everyone should know about. The app is called “Sift Food Labels” and it breaks down complicated ingredient labels, so you know exactly what’s in your food.

Why you should give Sift a try:

1.) It’s simple (you scan the barcode of any food product) and Sift will translate the ingredients into easy-to-understand terms. Know which ingredients are additives, sugar derivatives, etc.

2.) Helps you successfully follow a specific diet by informing you which foods you can eat. Diets such as no added sugar, dairy free, FODMAP, gluten free, paleo, vegan, & Whole30.

3.) It flags ingredients that are banned in other countries.

At Medic Ally we believe your best medicine is your food. We also believe an educated consumer is a sound consumer, so give it a shot.

Your ally in health,
Medic Ally

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