Laboratory Services

Medic Ally utilizes a variety of trusted blood, urine, stool, and/or hair testing to determine your current biological functioning. Laboratory testing allows us to custom tailor all recommendations (i.e. lifestyle, diet, supplementation) to meet your specific needs on the cellular, tissue, organ, and genetic level. Routine labs are crucial to you regaining and maintaining health.

Laboratory testing is especially beneficial for:
-Evaluating your genetic risk for disease and taking preventative actions to lower your risk
-Assessing gastrointestinal function and adjusting your diet to meet your body’s specific needs
-Customizing your supplements to meet any deficiencies of macronutrients (protein, fat, carb) and/or micronutrients (vitamins, minerals)
-Supporting hormone function of your adrenal glands and sexual organs including issues of infertility, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating
-Prescribing individualized detoxification protocols based on the functioning of your liver and your overall toxic load
-Understanding any hidden viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections preventing you from healing.
-Assessing your gut microbiome for diversity, dysbiosis, and prescribing the appropriate gut support

Medic Ally only uses the most trusted laboratory companies in the medical field that:
1.) provide the most accurate and repeatable results, and 2.) have our patients best interests in mind.

We currently use:

  • Cyrex Labs
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Empire City Labs
  • Labcorp
  • Great Plains Labs
  • Doctors Data
  • US Biotek

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