Dr. Paul M. Despres

Chief Medical Provider,
President & Secretary to the Board

Dr. Paul is a compassionate naturopathic physician always looking for a more innovative, holistic solution to the true cause of disease on the individual and communal level. He is actively confronting the flaws of mainstream healthcare options and the epidemic of chronic disease through patient care.

His interest in medicine began as a teenager with a series of severe auto-immune joint disorders that sparked a lifelong curiosity in the cause and cure of disease. He completed his medical school requirements at the University of Michigan and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in 2008. To complement his allopathic, standardized medical education at the University of Michigan, Dr. Paul earned his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2016 at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA studying the root causes of diseases, how to prevent disease, how to use natural remedies, and how to use his hands to heal.

Dr. Paul’s strong beliefs that health care is a human right and naturopathic medicine is vital to regaining health prompted him to co-found Medic Ally’s low-barrier, affordable clinic model. He believes Medic Ally is an innovative solution to the rising chronic disease rates, the opioid epidemic, and health inequity across communities. He has goals of becoming a leading expert in chronic disease management and making holistic medicine easily available to all.

Dr. Paul welcomes you to visit him at Medic Ally, so he can hear your story and help you live a full, healthy life! 

-IV nutrient therapy
-Physical Medicine (including Naturopathic manipulations, craniosacral therapy, Swedish massage, myofascial release, visceral manipulation)
-Genetic Counseling
-Detoxification and Biotherapeutic Drainage Protocols
-Clinical Nutrition
-Counseling and Mind Body Medicine (including biofeedback, heartmath)
-Herbal Medicine
-Hydrotherapy and Nature Cure Therapies
-Orthomolecular Medicine (supplementation)
-Lab Testing

-Chronic Disease and Pain Management
-Digestive And Rheumatological Disorders
-Stress and Anxiety Management
-Environmental Toxicity Including Heavy Metals and Glyphosate
-Chronic Infections Including Lyme Disease and EBV