Service Rates, Sliding-Fee Discount, and Insurance

Standard Office Visit and Procedure Rates: 

I. Office VisitsRate
Establishing Care Visit – 90 minutes$300
Continuing Care Visit – 60 minutes$170
Continuing Care Visit – 30 minutes$100
Detoxification Focused Visit – 60 minutes
Nutritional Consultation Visit – 60 minutes
Physical Medicine Visit – 60 minutes
Physical Medicine Visit – 30 minutes
II. Procedure Only VisitsRate
B Well Booster – 10 minutes
Methyl Booster – 10 minutes
Mega B Booster – 10 minutes
Glutathione IV Push – 10 minutes
Meyers Cocktail IV Push – 30 minutes
Constitutional Hydrotherapy – 60 minutes

Note: We strive to offer our patients cutting-edge care. Therefore, our offerings will be revised, updated and expanded often. As such, the above table may not be comprehensive.

II. Our Sliding-Fee Discount
We strive to make our care affordable for all, and thus offer a sliding fee discount for services. The degree of discount is determined based on your income level in comparison to the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The minimum payment amount is $20.00 for an office visit.

Household IncomeDiscount
0-100% of Federal Poverty Line*80% off
101-200% of Federal Poverty Line*70% off
201-300% of Federal Poverty Line*60% off
301-400% of Federal Poverty Line*20% off

*Poverty guidelines are determined yearly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services –

To benefit from a sliding fee discount, please be prepared to provide:
1.) Documentation of one month of total income for your household. Bring one of the following:
-Pay stubs from the past 30 days showing gross income.
-Award or benefit letter (if receiving income from any other taxable income besides wages)
-Employer letter stating your gross income
-Last two unemployment check stubs (if receiving unemployment)
2.) A copy of the most recent year’s 1040 tax returns (if you filed taxes) the details of your gross household income.
3.) If you didn’t file taxes, birth or marriage certificates for your dependents

-Additional documents may be required on case-by-case basis.
-Lab and pharmacy fees are not eligible for a sliding-scale discount.
-Specialty services and procedures, including IV therapy, may not be eligible for sliding-scale discount.

III. Insurance
We currently accept the following insurance providers as well:
-Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield
-If your health insurance requires a co-pay for office visits, you will be asked to pay the full amount of co-pay at the time of the visit.