Noah Libby-Haines

Noah is a statistician by training and a skeptic by nature. He values empirical data from well-designed studies to evaluate medical treatments. Almost 4 years ago, Noah was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. Multiple medical doctors told him they couldn’t treat his condition in any meaningful way, offering only corticosteroids as a means of temporarily relief. Under the burden of debilitating side-effects, he began to seek alternative treatments. After a long journey of research, trial and error he managed to reverse nearly all of his symptoms and regain quality of life after receiving Regenokine, an autologous anti-inflammatory therapy, and nutrigenomic counseling. Noah founded Medic Ally so that others with similar conditions, not adequately addressed by the standard of care, would have access to necessary treatments that lie beyond the scope of health insurance.

Noah is also interested in advancing research and translational medicine regarding autoimmune and other chronic diseases, longevity, and wellness.


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